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every revolution begins with questioning
intelligence is not about making something complicated
intelligence is transforming sophisticated into simple
every existence is a learning
our ideas are organic and never stop
evolving is part of the Ambar’s genetic code

our culture is guided by 3 basics ideas:
otimizar optimizing
repensar rethinking
aprender learning

_ technology to build
and live better

we make housing technology -
our bridge to change the world

our revolution begins at housing,
in the way we build the construction site, project management and efficient use of materials,
energy saving, conscious consumption, in the care for the planet
and in the correct use of technology to simplify life with intelligence.

by 2030, will be 25 million new homes in Brazil and 300 million in the world,
we have opportunities to do different, from electrical installation to energy consumption

we believe that the world is always under construction,
so we question all traditional methods by developing simpler,
making more accessible, and offering more efficient products and services that use data,
technology, and intelligence to increase productivity and re-signify the meaning of housing

when everything is still clay floor, we see a home
when technology is just an idea, we see a product
when they say it's always been like this, we see a challenge
some call it madness, we call it revolution

+90K homes
equipped with
Ambar technology
+300 thousand people
impacted by the technology
that we build


_ building technology

a new way to build

when the house is still a dream,
we work to shorten the distance between
the design of the plant and the keys delivered

full installation is an Ambar method that reduces
the total cost of construction, reducing the production time,
the amount of labor required, increasing the quality
without any wasted material

all through industrialized products, contractors labor management
and modular installation techniques that translate into standard parts,
transforming the construction site into an assembly line

average reduction
of construction cost by:
of wasted materials
in the environment waste
more productivity in the field

_ living technology

a new way of living at home

when the keys are delivered, another revolution begins, a social one
we transform our way of consuming.

we do this through solar energy microgeneration,
efficient lighting for affordable homes and using energy management algortithms
that monitor the consumption of families in real time,
combating waste with data and information

the result is a significant saving in the energy bill of households living in popular housing,
and more conscious consumption with positive impact on the planet

less energy consumption,
on average
on average, saved in the monthly account
Bruno Balbinot
Bruno Balbinot
CEO Ambar
Bruno Balbinot
Ian Fadel
CEO Pre-fab System
Nino Vashakidze
Nino Vashakidze
Finance & Corp. Dev.
François Loncket
François Loncke
Innovation &
Product Strategy
Alan Fontes
Alan Fontes
Mauro Landi
Mauro Landi
US: Components &
Pre-fab Systems
Cícero Rodrigues
Cícero Rodrigues
Renan Lecheta
Renan Lecheta
Felipe Canuso
Felipe Canuso
Adilson Liebsch
Adilson Liebsch
Ambar Living
Renata Vicentin
Renata Vicentin
Frederico Ribeiro
Frederico Ribeiro
Operations Production
& Logistics
Sebastião Souza
Sebastião Souza
Francisco Franciulli
Vinicius Alves
Vinicius Alves
Comercial & Sales
Anatilde Vieira
Anatilde Vieira
People Dev. & Admin
Cristina Della Penna
Cristina Della Penna
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